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Curaçao Women of Ocean Conservation

“Making Women’s Dive Day 2019 and Every Day Count for Ocean Protection” This Women’s Dive…

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Cas Abao, Curaçao – An Ultimate Caribbean Beach and Dive Site for 2019!

Cas Abao Beach has been proclaimed to be the most beautiful beach of Curacao and…

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CHATA publishes its Annual Report 2018

Willemstad July 4th, 2019 –On Wednesday July 3rd, CHATA published its Annual Report 2018….

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C3 wins International Critical Communications Award 2019

On Tuesday, June 18, C3 was announced as the winner of the International Critical Communications…

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In response to concerns raised by CHTA and others regarding the implementation of a…

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Blue Bay looks back on a successful Job Fair

On Saturday, June 29, Blue Bay organized its first Job Fair with a total…

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Hotel Occupancy in May 2019 increases compared to previous year

In May of 2019 Curaçao registered a hotel occupancy of 71.1%. Compared to 2018…

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Jurnick Merced becomes Bartender of the Year! – The Culinary Team makes a big impact at the Taste of the Caribbean Competitions.

(Willemstad June 26,2019) – Curaçao’s Culinary Team has successfully represented Curaçao at this year’s Taste of…

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