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CHATA Stars of the Industry Q2 2017

Willemstad (September 28th , 2017) – The award ceremony of the Stars of the Industry 2nd quarter of 2017 was held at CHATA member Blue Bay Curaçao Golf & Beach Resort. During this event, the 2nd quarter employees and supervisors nominated by a variety of CHATA members were recognized and celebrated. All the nominees received a gift provided by Sprock Distilleries.

Each quarter CHATA focuses on a different personal quality a person has that brings out the best in them while working in the hospitality/tourism industry. The focus of this quarter is Trustworthiness. According to President & CEO, Mr. Miles Mercera, “Trustworthiness is very important in our daily lives and also the tourism industry. In order for our society to be able to function, we have to be able to rely on others and trust that they are going to do what they promised to do. This is the case in romantic relationships, families, friendships but also with our colleagues and employees. Visitors for example trust that Curaçao will deliver on its promise to provide them with a pleasant stay. On the other hand, managers and business owners also trust that their employees will execute their work to the best of their abilities and provide their customers with the ultimate experience. The reason that these Stars have been nominated today is because they are doing just that. They have proven to their colleagues and managers that they are worthy of their trust by always meeting and exceeding their expectations.”

CHATA is proud to share with you the results of the Stars of the Industry for the 2nd Quarter of 2017:

CHATA Member Name Employee Position Employee:
FBTT Travel – Lorenzo Vlijt – Driver
Papagayo Beach Hotel – Hector Lobrecht – Front Office Agent
Acoya Hotel Suites & Villas – Rose Dairys Vrutaal – Accounts Clerk
Acoya Hotel Suites & Villas – Jourdette Petit-Homme Room Attendant
Kontiki Beach Resort Rodrique – Narceus – Gardener
Renaissance Curaçao Resort & Casino – Jessica Adoptie  – Payroll Master
Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort – Nathaly Meulens – Housekeeping Administrative Assistant
KFC – Nathaly Piternella – KFC Attendant
Chobolobo – Janis Riki – Curaçao Laboratories – Ltd. Attendant
Chobolobo – Irseline Leent – Curaçao Laboratories Ltd. Attendant
Chobolobo – Miloushska Boekhoudt – Curaçao Laboratories Ltd. Attendant
Chobolobo – Brunette Robert – Curaçao Laboratories Ltd. Attendant
Chobolobo – Jesseline Bibiana – Curaçao Laboratories Ltd. Attendant
Hilton – Alexandro Clemencia – Store Room Receiver
Insel Air – Dajanara Casimiri – Senior Cabin Attendant
Blue Bay Curaçao Golf & Beach Resort – Nairon Nicolina – Mechanic

CHATA Member Name Supervisor Position Supervisor:
Academy Hotel Curaçao – Sulaica Gosepa – Front Office Manager
Papagayo Beach Hotel – Stevenson Fransisco – Housekeeping Supervisor
Avila Beach Hotel – Marco Brummer – Sous Chef
Acoya Hotel Suites & Villas – Deepak Menghani – Maintenance Supervisor
LOOF  – Rozetten Concession – Manager
Kontiki Beach Resort – Milouska (Luka) Louisa – Housekeeping Supervisor
Starbucks Boulevard – Danik Thielman – Shift Supervisor
Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort – Carolaine Ilario – Front Office Supervisor
Hilton Curaçao – Mirtha Reinita – Assistant Housekeeping Manager

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About the Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association:
Founded in 1967, the Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association (CHATA), represents the interest of all private parties in the tourism sector. CHATA’s main mission is to deliver a visible, leading and effective (marketing) contribution towards a vibrant and sustainable Curaçao tourism/hospitality product. In cooperation with its many partners in the private and governmental sector it strives to develop Curaçao to meet its full potential.

At present CHATA has over 200 members including, hotels and apartments, airlines, car rentals, restaurants, tour operators and destination management, attractions, the airport, industry and trade development, World Trade Center, advertising and publishing, banking, insurance, training and consultancy, resort development, dive operators, shops and other tourism-related businesses.

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