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Double digit growth from The Netherlands and USA in January

WILLEMSTAD – March 18th, 2018 January Visitor Arrivals, Economic Impact & Visitor Nights 2018. The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is reporting growth in visitor arrivals for the month January. The positive outcome in visitor arrivals is the good performance from key focus markets. Stayover visitors from The Netherlands, United States of America, Canada, Colombia, Brazil and Aruba performed well in January 2018. The overall January performance grew by 2%. Precisely 763 additional visitors were counted in January 2018, bringing the total count to 39,510 visitors against 38,747 in the same month last year.

The European region recorded an increase of 8% in January, counting a total of 20,844 Europeans to Curaçao. Last year we welcomed 19,308 European visitors in January. The market share in arrivals from Europe is currently 50%. The Netherlands recorded double digit growth of 13% growth in January 2018, bringing the total stayover arrivals from The Netherlands to a first time total of 16,978 visitors. An additional 1,979 Dutch visitors were counted this year in January. The positive outcome out of the Dutch market is the additional flights from Amsterdam in January. From Germany we recorded 33% decrease, a total of 1,219 German visitors were welcomed in January 2018. The decrease in stayover arrivals from Germany is a direct effect of no air connectivity between Curaçao and Dusseldorf.

Out of the region North America, we saw an increase of 8% visitors in January 2018. In total 9,086 North American visitors are registered. North Americans represent 22% of all the visitors in January this year. A total of 5,812 US visitors were welcomed in January, recording double digit growth of 13% compared to last year. The seasonality in the tourism sector is best shown by Canada, during the cold season December to March, there is an increase in air connectivity. Canada stayed flat recording 0% in January 2018. Curaçao welcomed 3,274 Canadian visitors in January.

The border closure between Venezuela and the ABC islands as of January 5th 2018 takes with it that only 903 Venezuelans traveled to Curaçao. A year ago the same month counted 3,240 Venezuelans. The two other focus markets out of South America performed well. We registered an increase of 2% to a total of 1,284 stayover visitors from Brazil. Out of Colombia we registered double digit growth of 22% Colombians in January. In total 2,292 Colombians are registered.

Our sister island Aruba grew by 8% in January to a total of 1,113 stayover arrivals. The peak in arrivals from Aruba is visible on the Thursday and Friday prior to the final night of the Tumba Festival. It became a tradition that Arubans are great supporters of the Tumba Festival.

CTB and MEO utilizes the ‘Turistika Model’ to calculate the economic impact generated from the tourism industry. During the first month of 2018 we see a 7% growth in the economic impact compared to January 2017.
A direct impact of $ 54.8 million US dollars is generated for the local economy in January 2018. 52.7% of the total direct impact is generated from European visitors who are responsible for $ 28.9 million US dollars. The North American, South American and other regions generated respectively $ 15.1, $ 8.3 and $ 2.5 million US dollars.

65% of the visitors nights spent are from European visitors, representing 242,967 nights from the region in January 2018. Visitor nights from The Netherlands increased by 10%. Stayover visitors from The Netherlands stayed altogether 201,323 nights in Curaçao. From North America, the visitor nights increased by 17%. A total of 73,305 nights are registered. The South American and Caribbean region registered a decrease in visitors’ nights of respectively 13% and 15%.

Please find the full stayover visitor arrival report here.

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