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Airport Mirador temporarily inaccessible for public due to maintenance work

Willemstad – The viewing area at Curaçao International Airport, also known as the mirador, will be closed for public starting February 14th until the end of March. This, due to maintenance work carried out by Curaçao Airport Partners on the infrastructure and surrounding area. In order to ensure public safety, the mirador will be closed off completely during the stipulated time period and not be accessible for public, nor will it be possible to use the stairway or park at or near the mirador.

The mirador at Curaçao International Airport is situated in an area with a high level of saltpeter in the air and regular strong wind. Consequently CAP regularly cleans and maintains the area, and during the months February and March has extensive maintenance work planned. The maintenance and renovation work that will take place starting February 14th until the end of March consists of cleaning of the saltpeter, resistant paint coating, replacement of the roof, adjustment of the protective rails and maintenance of the stairway between the mirador and the airport. In order to ensure public safety, the area where the work will take place will be completely closed off, which means the mirador will not be accessible for public during this period, nor will the public be able to use the stairway and the parking area including surroundings.

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