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Announcement on behalf of the CHATA Board of Directors | CHATA’s Change in Leadership

Willemstad, Curacao –December 5th, 2016 – CHATA President & CEO, Lizanne Dindial, will step down by December 31st, 2016 after 5 years in the post. CHATA on its way to celebrate 50 years of existence in 2017 has already appointed a successor in the name of Mr. Miles Mercera who will take over the role and lead the organization into the new ERA.

The association’s board of directors is proud of the work and dedication by current President & CEO Ms. Lizanne. She joined CHATA in April of 2011 as the first woman to hold the President & CEO role. Prior to this we all still know her as the first woman to hold the highest position on the island namely as the Lt. Governor.

Ms. Dindial looked back and smiled as she shares her story of CHATA. According to Liza, “I was surrounded by great people. From a young team who kept me sharp to passionate investors, industry leaders and members. We all agree that tourism is the most important economic sector for the island and as I leave the association I hope that the new CHATA after the successful restructuring will continue its mission and vision that started in 1967 but with a new set of fresh and out of the box ideas that fit today’s business world. Tourism is Economy, it’s not a plan or a person its all of us together. Lastly, I will focus on a smooth transition of leadership in the upcoming weeks, CHATA has a right of existence and wherever I may go, I will surely be the advocate of CHATA, Tourism and Curaçao.”

Meanwhile, incoming President & CEO, Mr. Miles Mercera elaborated on his passion for the industry and how he truly feels to be representing the new ERA of tourism professionals. “I am grateful for this opportunity at such a young age, but I feel that I am ready. I am lucky to have experienced business ethics, work mode and drive from a great leader these past 5 years, (referring to Ms.Dindial) and with this experience and personal passion for the industry and island, I will move forward in leading the organization for the coming years. I’m looking forward to 2017 where I believe that Unity, Trust, Transparency, Communication and hard work are key ingredients for tourism and our association to not only grow but excel to the next level.”

CHATA Vice-Chairman, Jeroen Kibbelaar on behalf of the CHATA Board thanked Lizanne Dindial for her years of excellent dedication and growth of the association. The Board mentioned the turnaround of the association into a marketing machine and the growth in membership as great achievements by the current President & CEO. At the same time, The Board of CHATA welcomed Miles Mercera as the incoming President & CEO which is widely celebrated in the tourism industry as he is well qualified and ready to accept this new challenge.
On behalf of the CHATA board, Members and partners, we wish him all the best in his upcoming new role and he may be sure to count on our full support.

Background information
Mr. Miles Mercera (28) holds an Associates and Bachelors Degree (Aruba’s Hotel School & University of Curaçao (former UNA) / Intercontinental University Curaçao (ICUC) in International Hospitality & Tourism Management and has completed his Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship and Consultancy back in 2011 from the Rotterdam Business School. He started his career at the age of 19 with Starwood Hotels in the Netherlands in the area of Online Marketing & PR and later on held a position in Marketing & Product development for the island of Bonaire at the Bonaire Tourism Board. In 2011 he joined CHATA as the Marketing Manager and grew within the association to the Director of Marketing & Product.

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