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Avila Beach Hotel and MeteoGroup present online weather forecast for Curaçao

Willemstad, 13 December 2018 – From now on there is an online weekly weather forecast about Curaçao in Dutch. The Avila Beach Hotel has enabled the help of Dutch weather experts who will provide (potential) tourists from the Netherlands with a weekly weather forecast provided by MeteoGroup. This is done in exactly the same way as Dutch people are accustomed via the News and RTL Weather. All uncertainties about the weather on Curaçao will be removed through the 1.5-minute weather presentation.

By far the favorite subject among tourists with a view to their vacation to Curaçao is how the weather is on the island. This question particularly concerns Dutch people, even though it is almost always warm and sunny on Curaçao. “There is no doubt the most frequently asked question from hotel guests checking in at the Avila Beach Hotel on Curaçao, besides what the Wi-Fi code is, what the weather is like. This question is often asked online in preparation for their holidays. We strive to eliminate uncertainties in advance as much as possible, which is why the Avila Beach Hotel has called in MeteoGroup’s meteorologists, “said Robbin Vogels, General Manager of Avila Beach Hotel.

The weather forecast is updated every Friday and can be viewed online via 

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