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Baoase Personal Health Club celebrates its 1 year anniversary, and we are going to celebrate this with a ‘21 Days No Sugar Challenge’!

Willemstad, 8 May 2017 – Baoase Personal Health Club celebrates its 1 year anniversary, and we are going to celebrate this with a ‘21 Days No Sugar Challenge’! Are you up for it? Join our 21 day no Sugar Challenge and feel like the new you in only 3 weeks.

More energy, a better immune system and losing a few kilos? It’s all possible! Baoase Personal Health Club has organized, the ’21 no sugar challenge’ in the week of the 8th of May. Participants will be coached to avoid (refined) sugar. It is the first step to a healthier and fitter lifestyle. You will be amazed by how fast you will notice the difference! 

Baoase Personal Health Club is located across from the Baoase resort  since 2016, and is open for resort guests as well as local residents. All fitness and sport lovers are more than welcome! Baoase Personal Health Club offers personal training, yoga, dietary plans and lifestyle coaching. It is ideal for people who want to get the maximum result out of life and training. To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Baoase Personal Health Club the ’21 No Sugar Challenge’ will start in the week of May 8th and everyone who is interested can sign up for it.

A lot of food contains natural sugars, the good kind. But there’s also sugar added to a lot of food, aka the refined sugars. During the challenge these sugars will be avoided, this won’t be easy but will make you feel like a completely new person. Fit, energized, with less appetite for binging, fewer headaches, more proactive and you will also lose weight! Sounds amazing, right? Our coaches will guide you true it. The participants will receive grocery lists, recipes and tips and can share their experiences and questions on the digital platform. If you are interested you can sign up via Facebook or the website.

About Baoase Personal Health Club:

The sport club opened its doors on May 1st 2016 right across Baoase Luxury Resort. The gym is for guests of the resort, but also for off property guests. It is an intimate club where 4 trainers are busy daily with personal training, nutritional advice and weight loss help. The team also organizes monthly specials as yoga, and other exciting challenges. An intake and a first Xperience are free to become familiar with each other.  Baoase Personal Health Club is the only club with Fittergy sport fasting license, a great program where training and fasting are combined resulting to reset your metabolism, burn fat faster and get more out of your training.

About Tamara Brank:

Tamara is the owner of Baoase Personal Health Club and has more than 15 year of experience as a fitness professional. She has been a personal trainer on Curacao for the last 4 years. Tamara is also a weight loss consultant, detox- and lifestyle coach and yoga teacher. In her private life, Tamara is very active in multiple sports and activity and a triathlon fanatic.

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