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CBW Prize Winners going to Miami

Former CBW main organizer Blue Bay Curaçao Golf & Beach Resort, take along the twelve kids winners of the Curaçao Baseball Week 2016 to the MLB game Miami Marlins vs. San Francisco Giants coming Tuesday. During the local baseball event of the year: Kymani Martijn, Keshore Hinkel, Nathan Castillo, Thaima Maximiliana, Ruchano Petronia, Jamdrick Cornelia, Charlie Zink, Gedionne Marlin, Lutson Pieters, Jakey Josepha, Rodolfo Rodriquez en Ceddanne Rafaela were elected for talents of the year by Hensley Meulens (SF Giants) and Ben Thijssen (Coach). The trip to Miami is made possible by the raised money during the CBW 2016 charity auction dinner.  

On Monday August 14th the talents, accompanied by one parent, will travel to Miami. Thanks to very positive developments, talent Ceddanne Rafaela doesn’t join the group coming Monday. Last month Ceddanne signed a professional contract with the Boston Red Sox and therefore his career in the Major League Baseball already started! The big group that does travel to Miami will be accompanied by the organization of the Curaçao Baseball Week and press agent Gonzalo Cuales. In addition two extra persons will accompany the group. They ‘bought’ this trip during the CBW charity auction dinner. The purchase amount is used to realize this trip and to make other CBW donations to charity.

After the flight with Pawa Dominicana, everybody checks-in the Sheraton hotel and will be expected in the Marlins Ball Park on Tuesday around 4:30pm. Before the game starts a guided tour in and around the stadium is organized by the Marlins. The extra welcome on the field by co-organizer of the CBW and hitting coach of the SFG: Sir Hensley ‘BAM BAM’ Meulens is something unique and special.

On Wednesday morning the group share their best moments and experiences with each other. In the afternoon everybody returns to Curaçao and the kids will use their experiences to develop themselves on their way to the Major League Baseball.


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