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CHATA and the Government of Curaçao launch project: “Ready For Tourism”

With an opportunity for 300 citizens to obtain a job in the tourism industry

Willemstad, November 12, 2019 – CHATA, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development (MEO) and the Ministry of Social Development, Labour and Welfare (SOAW), announces the introduction of the project “Ready For Tourism”. This project is part of the Growth Strategy for Curaçao and gives the opportunity to 300 citizens to obtain adequate training and job security in the tourism industry. People who are interested in becoming part of this project and obtaining a job in tourism, can visit Marnix College Cas Cora on Saturday November 23rd at 9 AM till 5 PM. From the 300 citizens that will be elected for a job, 45 will start working starting January 2020. 

The tourism and hospitality industries are experiencing rapid growth. For this matter, capable employees with willingness to work are very much needed. This necessity and the social aspect of people in need of work, were important factors for CHATA to start with the execution of the project “Ready for Tourism”, as part of a Public-Private-Partnership between MEO, SOAW and the business industry.

This project focuses on adults who are motivated to work in the hospitality sector. The content of this program is on a basic level and the setup links with the education system Learning while Working. This means that after admission, the participants will start theory training, focusing on the practical part for a couple of weeks. Besides having materials with technical contents, there will also be materials focusing on general subjects, such as languages and client services. All participants will be trained to work as a team. 

After the first period of approximately 1 month, the participants will be working for four days a week as a training employee guided by a professional in a hotel or restaurant. Once a week the participant comes back for evaluation, guide and additional courses. Teachers with experiences in this industry and didactic abilities will be in charge of the courses and will also be responsible for the cooperation with the companies. The practical period in a company lasts 20 weeks and will be completed with a practical exam.

To enlarge a genuine opportunity for obtaining a job after finishing this program, CHATA informs that there will be only courses available focusing on the necessity that companies of the industry are facing at this moment. Ready for Tourism offers the following study programs:

  • Kitchen assistant
  • Service assistant
  • Assistant of the hospitality security

Eventually, study programs regarding bartending and housekeeping, will also be presented.  

The admission of the participants depends on their motivation, personality and responsibility. Professionals of the labor market of the Government and private sector will have an introduction conversation with every participant and will determine who is capable to apply at a teaching company in this industry. After a positive application, the company will confirm the acceptance of the participant and he/she can start the program. During the first 4 weeks of program, the participant will not receive a salary, but nevertheless he/she will receive a minimum wage during the 20thweek of practice and will have all rights of a regular employee. 

On Saturday November 23, 2019, CHATA organizes a registration day for the project ‘Ready For Tourism”. Every person who wants to participate in this project can be present at this event. Registration will take place at Marnix College Cas Cora at 9 AM till 5 PM. A valid copy ID and a copy of a resume are required. If the applicant does not have a Dutch or American nationality, a copy of a work permit is needed. All candidates that at this moment are being part of the preparation journey “broad intake” of the Government (support point) at Feffik do not need to participate at this event, because they are already subscribed to the program. 

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