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Willemstad (August 10th, 2016) – CHATA is proud to announce the election of Mr. Cedric Nubul, Hilton Curaçao GM and CHATA Board Member, as the Regional Vice President for the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA).

CHTA is impressed with Cedric’s thinking, enthusiasm and energy and believe this will complement the new directions which CHTA is undertaking. In assuming this post, CHTA would look for Mr. Nubul to be a point of representation between Curaçao and the destinations in our immediate area and CHTA. As the Regional Vice President, CHTA will seek input on matters related to the work of CHTA and probably assume a specific area of responsibility at some point if the President deems necessary.

As the Regional Vice President, Cedric will be serving as a member of CHTA’s Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets twice a year to discuss current matters. The next gathering will be at CHIEF in Puerto Rico coming September.

On behalf of CHATA we would like to congratulate Mr. Cedric Nubul and are excited about the caliber of expertise he brings to the table

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