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CHATA Chairman Resigns: Mr. Cedric Nubul accepts a new opportunity at Hilton

Willemstad, (August 1st 2017) – Announcement: Mr. Cedric Nubul (Hilton Curaçao) has resigned as Chairman of CHATA due to a new opportunity abroad at Hilton Bogota. His resignation is effective immediately. Vice Chairman, Mr. Omar v/d Dijs will take on the role as Chairman of CHATA during this interim period. Mr. Omar v/d Dijs will guide the process together with the CHATA Board of Directors to elect a new Chairman for the association for the rest of the current term.

“The Board and Membership is thankful for Cedric’s leadership over the past six months as the first Chairman of CHATA after the successful restructuring of the Association. In addition to this, the Board and Membership is also grateful for his commitment as a board member of CHATA for the last 3 years. The Board understands and supports Nubul’s decision to resign and wishes him all the best in his new endeavor abroad.

In his farewell message to the association, Mr. Cedric Nubul states that “It has been an enormous privilege to have led CHATA during this period of important change and growth. As I look ahead to the next chapter in my life and my new role in another country, I remain confident that the current CHATA Team and Board will continue to execute CHATA’s strategy with distinction and that ultimately Curacao will enjoy continued success in the future. Curacao should continue to focus on growth during a difficult economic period. My message to the industry and government would be “Execution, Execution and once more Execution”. The tourism industry does not have any time left to waste. It is important for us to come together and put our money where our mouth is”

CHATA looks back with satisfaction to the achievements of the board in the past six months. CHATA is proud to have reached agreements on the MoU and restructuring process of the CTDF which are considered fundamental changes in our tourism landscape. Furthermore, in terms of association goals, CHATA became more vocal on current issues and adopted a stronger approach to member engagement.

CHATA Board will continue its dialogue in the coming weeks with the aim to achieve the CHATA priorities for the current year which includes the execution of the MoU between CTB/CHATA, Restructuring of the CTDF, Execution of the Tourism Master Plan, Airlift and Marketing.


About the Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association

Founded in 1967, the Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association (CHATA), represents the interest of all private parties in the tourism sector. CHATA’s main mission is to deliver a visible, leading and effective (marketing) contribution towards a vibrant and sustainable Curaçao tourism/hospitality product. In cooperation with its many partners in the private and governmental sector it strives to develop Curaçao to meet its full potential.

At present CHATA has over 200 members including, hotels and apartments, airlines, car rentals, restaurants, tour operators and destination management, attractions, the airport, industry and trade development, World Trade Center, advertising and publishing, banking, insurance, training and consultancy, resort development, dive operators, shops and other tourism related businesses.

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