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CHATA & CTB create a platform for Dive

With the aim to realize sustainable development for the Dive Sector

Willemstad, August 6, 2021 – CHATA, together with the Curaçao Tourist Board, organized a World Café concept session for the CHATA Dive Task Force. The discussion took place at CHATA Member, Avila Beach Hotel and was joined by CHATA Dive members Bahia Diving, Goby Divers, CURious2Dive, Scuba Lodge Dive Center Pietermaai, Blue Bay Diving, Coral Divers. In order to have a balanced discussion, also other audited non-CHATA members were invited, including Scubaçao Diving Adventures and Curaçao Divers.  

The purpose of the World Café Session was to receive thoughts and input from the Dive sector on the most important topics they need for sustainable development of this tourism product. The discussion was facilitated by Mr. Elton Villarreal from Trinity Inc. and the topics that were discussed were: Conservation, Regulation, Legislation and Taxation.

The Dive sector is in need of support and clear attention, as they have much potential for the tourism industry and also were one of the sub-sectors that was affected heavily due to COVID-19. This discussion was the first step to moving forward on the road to a more sustainable recovery and development of the Dive tourism sector on our island. With the information gathered in the meeting, CHATA, CTB and the Dive sector have a better understanding of current needs, ideas, and opportunities. The findings with tangible goals and concerns that came out of this session, will be presented soonest to the Ministry of Economic Development.

CHATA looks forward to continue working together with its members and partners to realize a sustainable development and recovery of the Tourism sector as a whole.

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