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CHATA Denies False Statement Regarding Kla Pa Turismo Circulating on Social Media

Willemstad, 2 November 2020 – CHATA has taken notice of a recording circulating on social media of a person giving a statement regarding our Kla Pa Turismo project. With this statement, CHATA hereby completely denies these accusations.

The Kla Pa Turismo project initiated in January 2020 with the goal to give 300 people the opportunity to work in the hospitality industry through a preparation and training program of 6 months. During the first month of the program the participant was offered theory classes and the last 5 months would have been dedicated to practical training and work in the various hotels.

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was suspended in March 2020 until further notice. All participants were informed accordingly through an official letter as well as a personal phone call. Various virtual information sessions were also held to offer the opportunity to ask all types of questions, thus maintaining transparency.

Furthermore, CHATA has done all within her power to offer assistance and support to the participants. Regardless of the fact that they did not complete the practical part of the program, CHATA presented all participants with a certificate of participation for the theoretical part of the program. This way CHATA recognizes and honors their participation and commitment during the first part of the program.

CHATA takes pride in her transparent operation and regrets that false statements are being published and planted in the community. However, with a positive outlook on the future and focusing on tourism and hospitality recovery, CHATA hopes to be able to resume the Kla Pa Turismo project as soon as the sector allows it again.

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