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CHATA Fest stage for inauguration 55th anniversary

Connecting tourism with you

WILLEMSTAD- March 14, 2022 – Last Friday, CHATA organized its annual event to celebrate the calendar year as well as the inauguration of its 55th anniversary. This event, called ‘CHATA Fest’ took place in the open air at CHATA member Blue Bay Golf & Beach Resort in complete festival style. Relieved from the relaxed measures, however, responsibly, CHATA members and partners, including a few Ministers, came together to share a festive and happy evening.

Around 150 guests came together on the grass platform at Blue Bay in a colorful Bohemian vibe. After a warm welcome by the CHATA team, Managing Director, Mrs. Maria-Helena Seferina-Rojas, officialized the inauguration with a short speech. She spoke about the difference and the special occasion, reminiscing on how last year in a drive thru and not able to connect with members personally, she had to digitally introduce herself in her new position via a video message.

Furthermore, she talked about that despite that the year 2022 started back in January, the relaxed measures in combination with the recovery trend of our sector makes most of us feel that the new year has just begun. Tourists can visit us again without too many restrictions and the community can relax a bit more. Especially for this reason, CHATA came together to celebrate and connect with one another. This evening had another extra special occasion, as this year the association is celebrating its 55th anniversary.

With a full blown out campaign, CHATA will focus this year to connect tourism and the community, with its new slogan for 2022: “Connecting tourism with YOU”.

The industry workforce challenges are not a secret. However, CHATA firmly believes that investors of new hotels are confident in Curaçao, we just have to spread this confidence and convince new potential tourism and hospitality workers to come work in our sector as well, as it has so much to offer.

With this said, Mrs. Seferina-Rojas introduced young, local talent, straight from Holland, Kevv on stage. Kevv presented and released his new song, especially produced, and dedicated to CHATA and the campaign to connect tourism with you. The song titled “Island Away” connects the experience and beautiful feeling that our island gives to each of us, as well as the visiting tourists. “Island Away” will be the soundtrack of the campaign on social media (TikTok and Instagram) where locals and tourists can proudly brag about Curaçao. At the end of the campaign, CHATA will give out prices for the best, most viral video. Stay tuned for more information on participation on CHATA’s social media channels.

Guests continued enjoying more music by Kevv during the CHATA Fest and celebrated and connected with one another with joy. CHATA is thankful to all sponsors who helped make this event possible: Coca-Cola, Trusz by Rich, Inspiración Curaçao and FBTT. A special thanks goes to TUI and LionsDive Beach Resort as well for their contribution to make the campaign possible.

CHATA is extremely thankful to its members for their trust throughout 55 years, is proud to continue to support for the recovery of the most dynamic sector of our country and commits to Connecting Tourism with YOU!

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