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CHATA Members Approve a new Structure

Willemstad (December 15, 2016) – During CHATA’s Extraordinary General Meeting that took place yesterday December 14th 2016 at Hilton Curaçao an important milestone has been reached. The CHATA Board presented the new changes reflected in the bylaws for approval by its members. Three (3) important changes were presented. The formal approval of providing Small members with voting rights starting 2017. This approval resulted in small members being granted (1) one voting right in the association. CHATA has seen an increase of small members joining the association these last couple of years and believes that it is important for the small members to also develop a voice in the association. Small members according to CHATA bylaws are businesses that have less than 5 employees and currently CHATA holds +/- 80 small members in its portfolio. Small members play an important role in our tourism industry, as they compliment all efforts being done by the larger allied members or hotel members.

Another important change for the association moving forward is the approval of the new Board structure for 2017 and beyond. The new structure includes a stronger representation on the board by hotels which will address a balanced representation of both allied and hotel members. The final approved structure resulted as follows “of the minimum (7) and maximum (11) board members, (5) or (8) members shall represent the hotels/apartments and (2) or (3) members shall represent the allied members.” The change will translate itself in a stronger sector where hotels are duly represented.

Finally, with approval of the new board structure and inclusive participation of all members with their corresponding voting rights, the members of CHATA approved for the advancement of the 2017 Board Elections. The new board yet to be elected will have the responsibility to continue the restructuring of CHATA’s mission and vision and goals for the next term. The new CHATA Board Election is scheduled to take place on February 7 th 2017.

CHATA and its members on its way to celebrate 50 years of existence in 2017, sees the approval of the changes as a new foundation for the association. The members of CHATA will work together in the continued development of a stronger voice and representation of the private tourism sector for the island of Curaçao.

Additional information:
CHATA’s Extraordinary General Meeting took place at the Hilton Curaçao on December 14th 2016. Quorum was reached at a total of 207 votes. Total valid votes on this day was 220. The new CHATA structure (bylaws) was unanimously approved.

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