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CHATA organizes Interim Board Elections to fill in 2 vacant board positions

Willemstad (October 2nd 2017), On October 6th CHATA will hold an Interim Board Election where CHATA members will have the opportunity to elect 2 new board members for the interim period until the next scheduled Board Elections of 2018.

In August 2017, 2 CHATA Board members informed the board that they will have to resign in the coming months due to new opportunities abroad. Mr. Cedric Nubul, the then GM of Hilton resigned immediately and Mr. Jorge Espejo from Sunscape informed the board that he will step down as a board member in October 2017. After careful consideration the CHATA Board approved Interim Board Elections to fill the 2 vacant positions until the scheduled board elections of 2018.

The interim elections will be organized in the next CHATA Member Meeting taking place on October 6th at Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort. Six (6) CHATA Members have placed themselves eligible for elections including, Alette Borger (Dolphin Suites), Edward Suares (Lions Dive & Beach Resort), Haitham Metry (Amalia Boutique Hotel), Jose Abreu (ACOYA Hotel Suites & Villas), Mauricio Almonacid (Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort) and Stephane Clar (Hilton Curaçao). All CHATA members in good standing will be able to cast a vote on October 6 th 2017.

During this meeting CHATA also invited several keynote speakers to provide an insight on interesting topics such as “Tourism Investments” by CINEX, “Termination of employment agreements for economic reason due to interruption or cease of business caused by an act of God” by Van Eps Kunneman & van Doorne and “Sport Tourism” by FDDK. CHATA looks forward to a fruitful member meeting and interim board elections.


About the Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association

Founded in 1967, the Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association (CHATA), represents the interest of all private parties in the tourism sector. CHATA’s main mission is to deliver a visible, leading and effective (marketing) contribution towards a vibrant and sustainable Curaçao tourism/hospitality product. In
cooperation with its many partners in the private and governmental sector it strives to develop Curaçao to meet its full potential.

At present CHATA has over 200 members including, hotels and apartments, airlines, car rentals, restaurants, tour operators and destination management, attractions, the airport, industry and trade development, World Trade Center, advertising and publishing, banking, insurance, training and consultancy, resort development, dive operators, shops and other tourism related businesses.

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