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CHATA partners with Curaçao Medical Center for Patient Service Training: “Sirbi ku Amor”

Willemstad, August 31, 2020 – CHATA is partnering with Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) to assist in improving patient service at the hospital. Aware of CHATA’s hospitality track record in how to go above-and-beyond in guest service, CMC approached the organization to assist in coordinating a specific patient service training course. CHATA is known for successfully conducting this type of training, focusing on building better relationships with clients and visitors. The training modules have been carefully planned with the CMC team to be in line with the hospital’s moto: “Sirbi ku Amor.”

The goal of the “Sirbi ku Amor” training program is to treat patients and visitors as guests and greatly improve their experience, from the moment they first enter the hospital premises until the moment they leave. The first group of participants consists of a range of employees that interact directly with patients, from member of the security team to reception desk and member of the healthcare team. The group also includes CMC professional trainers for a “Train the trainer” concept. This means that after the first group has completed their training, the CMC trainers will take over and continue spreading this knowledge to the next group until every person within CMC has experienced the course.

The group will be trained by highly qualified CHATA Members: Curaçao Phoenix Foundation and Worldwide Training and Translations. Both are local personal and professional development organizations, each adding a different angle and value to the program’s curriculum. The first phase of the four-week training sessions will start the week of September 7th, 2020, diving into personal development, customer service, behavior, connecting with the clients and several other topics.

CHATA is proud to assist in this program as the quality of the service provided is a pivotal part of the guest’s journey. Curaçao needs to start the road to recovery and initiatives such as this one can help build a stronger and healthier economy. CHATA believes that by investing in our people we can achieve great things.

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