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CHATA partners with Guardian Group Fatum for sector research

National remuneration survey hospitality & tourism sector

Willemstad, 1 August 2022 – With the aim to develop cross-sector and sector-specific research on national rewarding in the hospitality and tourism sector, CHATA, the association representing over 250 members in the private sector, is supporting research developed by Deloitte Dutch Caribbean. The survey is aimed to benchmark the national rewards for the industry and generate more insights in general on how the industry rewards its workforce. Recognizing the importance and the added value to the sector, CHATA member, Guardian Group Fatum is fully committed to supporting the execution of this sector specific research project.

Remuneration plays an important part in management of human resources, as it influences the relationship between employee and employer, talent attraction and retention, commitment and performance. With many organizations being confronted with the financial-economic consequences of the pandemic on their business operations, the demand for data on primary and secondary benefits, trends, and practices in the field of remuneration is increasing. The tourism & hospitality industry is confronted with various workforce challenges, one major being staff shortage. Therefore, this research project is initiated, to gain more insights for possible solutions to improve these workforce challenges.

With the current workforce challenges the industry is facing and the post-pandemic sector image, CHATA and Guardian Group Fatum strongly belief that the national rewards and remuneration research by Deloitte Dutch Caribbean is a positive start to benchmark and improve the overall workforce level for the industry. 

As CHATA continues to work towards recovery and improvement of the sector and connecting tourism with the community, they are happy to collaborate with Guardian Group Fatum on this valuable addition to the sector and look forward to the results which will be published and shared soon. 

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