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CHATA publishes its Annual Report 2017-2018

Willemstad June 22nd 2018- On Tuesday June 19th, CHATA published its Annual Report 2017-2018. The first copy of the Annual Report was officially presented by Miles Mercera, President & CEO of CHATA to the Chairman of the Association Mr. Hans Slier.

According to the Annual Report of CHATA, CHATA has been able to maintain its expenses well within budget and managed to close of the year with a positive result of Nafl. 39,448. The Annual Report also gives an overview of the Tourism Industry Performance and the main developments that affected the industry throughout the course of the year. Furthermore, CHATA highlights the industries’ achievements such as additional airlift to the destination and the signing of an MoU with AirBnB. Readers will also be able to find an overview of all the activities and events that CHATA undertook to educate and support its members in their business endeavors.

Chairman Hans Slier also gives an exclusive interview in the annual report where he provides his insight into the tourism industry and what members will be able to expect from him in the coming year. The annual report of CHATA is available to the public on the associations website

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