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CHATA reports Curaçao’s hotels achieved a 69.7% average room occupancy in December 2023 with a 17% growth in Revenue Per Available Room.

According to STR, the leading provider of hotel performance data and analytics worldwide, Curaçao’s hotels achieved a 69.7% average room occupancy in December 2023, 1.9  percentage points higher than the 67.8% achieved in December 2022.

And, according to the CTB, Curaçao received 63,390 stopover visitors in December 2023, 41.1% more than the 44,924 stopover visitors received in December 2022, that is 18,466 additional visitors. 

Jim Hepple, the Interim Managing Director for CHATA, said while CHATA was extremely happy with the high level of stopover visitors achieved in December he noted that 55.3% of all stopover visitors in December 2023 stayed in alternative accommodations (mostly short-term rental (STR) units in private homes, condominiums, timeshare units, villas as well as accommodation with friends and relatives), up from 44.4% in December 2022 and that the percentage of visitors using hotel accommodation (which includes large and small hotels as well as bungalows) fell from 55.6% in December 2022 to 44.7% in December 2023.

He explained that this was because 81.6% of the 18,466 additional visitors seen in December 2023 stayed in alternative accommodations with just 18.4% of the incremental visitors choosing hotel accommodation.

Mr. Hepple said that CHATA particularly welcomed the introduction of new additional air service from Amsterdam during December which had contributed to a 28.7% increase in the number of stopover visitors from the Netherlands, which grew by 5,150 visitors from 17,958 stopovers in December 2022 to 23,108 stopover visitors in December 2023. He went on to say it was remarkable that 92.8% of the 5,150 additional visitors from the Netherlands, that is 4,777 visitors, had stayed in alternative accommodations while the number of visitors for The Netherlands staying in hotels had only grown by 373 visitors.

He continued by saying that, by contrast, of the 14,714 stopover visitors received from the USA in December 2023 60.1% stayed in hotel accommodation, while 39.9% used alternative accommodation. He noted that the number of US visitors using alternative accommodation in December more than doubled, growing from 2,899 visitors in December 2022 to 5,869 in December 2023, with the share of all US visitors using this kind of accommodation growing from 27.8% in December 2022 to 39.9% in December 2023.

Mr. Hepple then reported that the hotels achieved an ADR of $252.27 in December 2023, 13.8% higher than in December 2022, while RevPar was $175.81, 17.0% more than in December 2022.

STR received data from a sample of 18 local hotels with 3,260 rooms in December of 2023, with the sample representing 62% of all hotel rooms in Curaçao. It should be noted that the sample for December 2023 included four additional hotels which were not included in the December 2022 survey, one being Corendon’s Rif at Mangrove Beach which opened during December 2023.

STR also reported that the average room occupancy for all hotels in the Caribbean reached 68.7% in December 2023, with an overall ADR of US$427.92 and a RevPar of US$293.96

During calendar year (CY) 2023 CHATA reports that Curaçao’s hotels achieved an average room occupancy of 72.0% compared with 70.0% for CY 2022. Again, compared with CY 2022, ADR grew by 8.3% from $207.37 in CY 2022 to $224.67 in CY 2023. RevPar grew by 11.5% from $145.10 in CY 2022 to $161.80 in the same twelve months of 2023.

STR reports that throughout the Caribbean as a whole average room occupancy grew from 61.0% in CY 2022 to 65.6% in the same twelve months of 2023 with the region’s ADR growing by 11.8% to US$329.37 and its RevPar growing by 20.2% to US$215.97.

During CY 2023 the CTB reported that Curaçao received 582,409 stopover visitors, 92,850 more than the 489,559 stopovers received in CY 2022.

Of the 582,409 stopover visitors, 261,171 visitors stayed in alternative accommodation with 321,238 visitors staying in hotel accommodation. The share of visitors using alternative accommodation grew from 42.2% in CY 2022 to 44.8% in CY 2023. 

Interestingly, while the number of visitors from the Netherlands fell by 11.8% in CY 2023 from 237,654 in CY 2022 to 209,594 in CY 2023, the number of Dutch visitors staying in alternative accommodations only fell by 1.9%, with the share of Dutch visitors using such accommodation growing from 43.2% in CY 2022 to 48.1% in CY 2023.

While the number of visitors from the USA grew by 51.1% in CY 2023, the number staying in hotel accommodation grew slightly less fast, by 47.8%, with the share falling from 74.7% of all US visitors in CY 2022 to 73.1% in CY 2023.

According to Curaçao had 3,637 active STR listings in December 2023, 23.5% more than in December 2022.

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