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CHATA reports Curaçao’s hotels achieved a 78.1% average room occupancy in March 2024 with a 26% growth in the hotels’ revenue per available room

CHATA is thrilled to share with you the latest developments from Curaçao’s hospitality sector.

Here’s an overview of recent accomplishments:

Occupancy: According to STR, in March 2024, our hotels achieved an unprecedented 78.1% average room occupancy, culminating in a remarkable 26% increase in revenue per available room. This is 7.9 percentage points higher than the 70.2% achieved in March 2023. The hotels did this with 8% more available rooms (230 new hotel rooms) this March compared to March 2023. With an Average Daily Room Rate (ADR) of $270.99 which was 13.1% higher than March last year, and Revenue Per Available Room (RevPar), reaching $211.77 in March 2024. 25.9% higher March 2023. Our island can be proud of these results, which is a reflection on combined efforts of all stakeholders.

Surging Visitor Numbers: Curaçao welcomed an impressive 63,556 stopover visitors in March 2024, according to CTB marking a substantial 38.4% surge from the previous year. This influx of an additional 17,642 visitors compared to last year, underscores the importance of our Island potential as a preferred tourist destination.

Global Acclaim and Additional Airlift: Remarkable increase in visitor numbers, additional rooms and addition of new air services, resulted in an 18.5% uptick in visitors from the Netherlands, alongside notable surges from the USA and Brazil.

  • Additional air service from Amsterdam contributed to an 18.5% increase in the number of stopover visitors from the Netherlands, which grew by 3,008 visitors from 16,287 stopovers in March 2023 to 19,295 stopover visitors in March 2024.
  • Additional airlift from the USA also helped to grow the number of visitors from the USA by 6,883 additional visitors to a total of 18,741 visitors, with the number of visitors from Brazil growing by 2,000 visitors both compared with March 2023.

This international recognition solidifies our status as a premier destination with an important shift where for the first time we have nearly equal numbers of visitors from the USA as from Holland. This is a significant milestone which reflects the concentrated focus and efforts of the entire industry, our tourism organization (CTB), Government, all stakeholders and CHATA members. Great job!!

Sustained Growth: The momentum continues to grow as we look at the rest of 2024. Strong forward bookings and efforts continue through the second quarter ensuring further growth in this sector. Having said that, we have to remain vigilant and proactive to manage this growth.

With this in mind, CHATA has embarked on a proactive initiative to enhance our offerings and prepare for the evolving needs of our visitors.

Language and Hospitality Training: Recognizing the importance of catering to diverse audiences, we are pleased to announce the introduction of Brazilian Portuguese beginners training for CHATA members. We had 60 participants in three days so we closed the first sessions. Great participation! Additionally, we will soon incorporate comprehensive hospitality and revenue training to our curriculum. By equipping our members with these essential skills, we ensure that they are prepared to deliver exceptional experiences while promoting cultural inclusivity.

Product Development Task Forces: As part of our commitment to innovation, CHATA will re-establish task forces dedicated to product development initiatives. These collaborative efforts will involve our CHATA members, stakeholders, and the Curaçao Tourist Board. Together, we will explore opportunities to enhance our offerings, ensuring that Curaçao remains a premier destination that exceeds visitor expectations.

By embracing a culture of anticipation and adaptation, we reaffirm our commitment to sustainability and excellence in hospitality.

Together, let us embark on this journey of continuous improvement, laying the foundation for a vibrant and prosperous future.

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