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CHATA Stars of the Industry Q4 2016

Willemstad (March 29th,2017) – The award ceremony of the Stars of the Industry 4th quarter of 2016 was held at CHATA member Blessings restaurant. During this event, the 4th Quarter employees and supervisors nominated by a variety of CHATA members were recognized and celebrated.

Each quarter CHATA focuses on a different personal quality a person has that brings out the best in them while working in the hospitality/tourism industry. The focus of this quarter is Dependability.

Having a staff of dependable employees and supervisors helps your business run more smoothly and ensures that tasks are seen through to completion. Dependability goes hand in hand with the passion and commitment employees give to their company.

“Dependability is an important quality for an employee to possess because it enhances the quality of work the employee is able to deliver.” Says President & CEO, Miles Mercera. “A dependable employee not only shows up for work on time every day but also produces consistent work and can apply company policies and business strategies evenly to each task and assignment which contributes to the overall success of the business.”

CHATA is proud to share with you the results of the Stars of the Industry for the 4th Quarter of 2016:

CHATA Member Name Employee Position Employee
Kontiki Beach Resort Guy-Marcel Trietsch Guest Service Agent
Kontiki Beach Resort Julis Wieske IT
Floris Suite Hotel Dionicia Margaretha-Bacuna Housekeeping Attendant
Avila Beach Hotel Ana Malacia Public Area Attendant
Hilton Curaçao Aldrich Meyer Guest Service Agent
FBTT Travel B.V. Johnaily Martina All Around Employee
Real Exclusive Curaçao Maria Delosangeles Smeins Junior Event Coordinator/ Hostess
Papagayo Curaçao Saskia Sweet Crew Coordinator


CHATA Member Name Supervisor Position Supervisor
Curaçao Air Terminal Services Shermaline Job Executive Administrative Assistant
Baoase Luxury Resort Jared Urselita Martina Supervisor Security
Hilton Curaçao Romeo Senat Recreation Supervisor
FBTT Travel B.V. Pedro Espejo Guzman Head Mechanic
Real Exclusive Curaçao Kayleigh Fullinck Junior Event Manager
Papagayo Curaçao Rebecca Ascencion Sales Assistant


Additionally, CHATA also presented the Stars of the Industry award to 6 students from Juan Pablo Duarte who volunteered and assisted during the Flavors of Curaçao 2016. Their names are: Jurien Angelista, Javier Petronilla, Shuvensley Garnette, Maria Floris, Darlene Celestijn and Jidion De Lima.


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