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CHATA Statement “Baoase Luxury Resort “

CHATA has taken note of the demonstration that took place on August 17th, at Baoase Luxury Resort. CHATA approached all stakeholders involved and has been informed by the authorities that Baoase Luxury Resort has collaborated with the local authorities from the start. Baoase Luxury Resort is in disposal of all the necessary permits and is currently not breaching any local laws.

It is imperative for the government to provide clarity to the community regarding the legal and technical implications of land and beach development in order to avoid similar situations in the future that could negatively impact the tourism industry.

The tourism industry currently provides employment to over 11.000 people on island and contributes with over 900 million ANG to the Economy on a yearly basis. In order for the industry to continue to thrive, we need to welcome and accommodate further development of our tourism product. CHATA calls on the entire community to come together to support this industry to ensure a fructiferous future for us all.

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