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CTB and Flytour Viagens Launch Exclusive Campaign to Visit Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD – July 4, 2017 – Curaçao and Flytour Viagens recently celebrated the launch of a campaign that will serve as a boost to the Curaçao tourism industry. The event was held at the Hotel Cadoro, São Paulo. The campaign involves a special incentive for Flytour Viagens travel agents for each traveler booking a trip of three nights or more to Curaçao through Flytour Viagens. This exclusive collaboration between Curaçao and Flytour Viagens began during conversations in which the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) and Flytour Viagens showed an interest in working together to increase air traffic from Brazil.

This is the first campaign of its sort ever launched for Curaçao in Brazil. Besides its main objective of increasing the number of Brazilian visitors, the campaign will also help to create more awareness in the Brazilian market of Curaçao’s diversity, tourist attractions and vacation possibilities, while at the same time serving as a token of appreciation to Flytour Viagens travel agents.

In conjunction with the campaign launch, recognition was given to the Top 50 Flytour Viagens sellers, and a training was organized, providing information on all that Curaçao has to offer as a tourism product. The event ended with a cocktail, celebrating this partnership between Curaçao and Flytour Viagens.

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