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Culinary Team Cook off: How the Culinary Team is prepping for the Taste of the Caribbean 2018

 Willemstad, 12 March 2018- The Culinary Team is in full preparation for the Taste of The Caribbean competition taking place in Miami in June of 2018. On Saturday March 10th, the team members had a cook off in which they showcased their best dishes and cocktails to the judges.

 According to Selina Maduro Gumbs coordinator of the Curaçao Culinary Team on behalf of CHATA, as of October 2017 the team has been training every Saturday leading up to the competitions in June to further sharpen their skills.  The focus of the training sessions varies from taste, plating skills, creativity to time management skills. During Saturdays’ session, the team had the opportunity to put all this to the test in a mock competition where it had to prepare dishes similar to what they will prepare in the Taste of the Caribbean Competition. The dishes where then judged by their professional culinary coach team consisting of Carlos Anthonij, Helmi Smeulders, Frans Smits and guest judges, Dorine van den Elzen, Frankie van Dierendonck and Altegracia Koster. For the bartending portion of the competition, Stirling Sambre and Fenton Thomasita who are also the official Culinary Team Bartender Coaches gave pointers to the bartenders.

The participation of the Curaçao Culinary Team at the taste of the Caribbean Competition is made possible through the voluntary contribution of many. CHATA is thankful for all the culinary professionals who donate their time and energy in preparing our young professionals to be able to represent our country in Miami.  Furthermore, CHATA also expresses its gratitude for the sponsors Caribbean Bakery, CINEX, CTB, Dani’s Fruit Center, Mangusa, Licores Maduro, Infotrans, Hilton Curaçao, Thelma & Louise, Marnix College, Dinah Veeris, Sprock Distilleries, Fuik Microgreens, Senior & Co., Hofi Cas Cora, Amazia and Curoil who make it possible for the team to be able to compete at the Taste of the Caribbean.

If you want to follow the journey of the Curaçao Culinary Team to the Taste of the Caribbean Competition, please follow their Instagram Page @culinaryteamcuracao.


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