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Culinary Team in full preparation for Taste of the Caribbean

Willemstad March 26, 2017- The Curaçao Culinary Team is in full preparation for their upcoming competition at Taste of the Caribbean in Miami from June 2nd  to June 6th. On Saturday April 1st, the Curaçao Culinary Team will be organizing a BBQ at Landhuis Chobolobo to raise funds for their participation in the upcoming competitions.

The Curaçao Culinary Team is a group of young professionals in the Culinary Industry of Curaçao who will represent the island at Taste of the Caribbean. The Taste of the Caribbean is a culinary competition where chefs and bartenders from the region take center stage to compete for the Caribbean’s top culinary honors.

Every other year CHATA holds a culinary competition in order to select the best chefs and bartenders of our island. This year Curaçao will be represented by:

  • Team Manager: Carlos Anthony (Nemo Restaurant)
  • Senior Chef: Adriyel Lourens (Baoase Luxury Restaurant)
  • Assistant Chef: Jereld Balentien (Nemo Restaurant)
  • Junior Chef: Dane Ribeiro Rodriguez (Amazia)
  • Junior Chef Runner-up: Brayan Arroyo (Hilton Curaçao)
  • Pastry Chef: Ramsley Leander (Santa Barbara Resort)
  • Bartender: Fabian Cleopa (Baoase Luxury Restaurant)

Through this competition, CHATA wants to further encourage our young professionals to become involved in the tourism sector. Tourism is an important pillar of our economy and is in need of young enthusiastic professionals to take it to the next level. Furthermore, CHATA believes that the Taste of the Caribbean is a great way to showcase our culinary skills and delicacies to the world.

If you would like to support the culinary team and the development of our industry, you can join us on April 1st at Landhuis Chobolobo from 11AM-3PM for a delicious BBQ.

This tasty BBQ will include chicken skewer, pork skewer, fish (dradu) skewer, beef skewer, fried rice, coleslaw, corn, bread and a small soft drink all for just Fl.17.50!

For tickets please contact Mrs. Selina Gumbs Maduro at or 465 1005.

Follow our team and their progress at


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