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“Curaçao as a logistical hub for humanitarian aid”

CHATA has taken note of the decision of the government to allow Curaçao to be used as a logistical hub for humanitarian aid for Venezuela as well as the current concerns that reside within our community with regards to this decision. CHATA as the representative of the private tourism sector has thoroughly analyzed our governments’ position and discussed its implications with many stakeholders within the community. CHATA came to the conclusion that it is in the best interest of the island and its people to support the government in this decision. 

First and foremost, CHATA believes that supporting humanitarian aid to the people of Venezuela is the humane thing to do. Curaçao has long historical ties with Venezuela in which the Venezuelan community has actively contributed to the economical welfare of the island.  This merits the support the government would like to provide to the Venezuelan people.  

Furthermore, CHATA supports humanitarian aid to Venezuela, seeing that further decline of the situation in Venezuela is not in the benefit of the island. The current economic and political turmoil in Venezuela have negatively affected Curaçao in the recent years. The tourism industry for example saw a steep decline in visitor arrivals from Venezuela. A market which once was our second largest tourism market. This resulted in further decline in tourism spending and economic growth to name a few. 

For the reasons mentioned above, CHATA will support the decision of the government for Curaçao to be used as a hub for humanitarian aid exclusively. This, given of course that the conditions that have been set by the government are met, of which the most significant to CHATA being that;

  • Curaçao can only be used as a hub for humanitarian aid if Venezuela permits, peaceful entry, passage and distribution of the aid.
  • In the transfer of humanitarian aid to Venezuela, no military equipment or action of any sort can be used.

CHATA finds it imperative for the government and all stakeholders involved to continue to provide clarity in regard to the development, implications and actual execution of this logistical hub to local stakeholders and the community as a whole. Moreover, CHATA hopes that the community can come to an agreement in this situation and that we can align our efforts in assisting our neighboring country in need.

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