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Curaçao Present at ‘#NosVamosDeVacas’ Aviatur Outlet

WILLEMSTAD – May 10, 2017 – For the Colombian traveler shopping for a Caribbean vacation, Parque de la 93 (“93 Park”) in Bogotá recently became the place to be, and one destination that stood out was Curaçao. The event included offers at incredible discounts, bringing that planned Caribbean trip one step closer to many in attendance. The ‘#NosVamosDeVacas’ campaign (We are going on vacation) was at the same time a call to action for the Colombian to decide quickly about visiting one of the little corners of Paradise in the Caribbean, such as Curaçao.

The event was attended by Samy Bessudo, President of travel agency Aviatur, who commented on the growth of the Colombian tourism sector, attributing this trend not only to the apparent stabilization of the U.S. dollar, but also to a number of other factors that are making it easier for Colombians to travel abroad, such as the lifting of the visa requirement for Europe, and at the same time also for destinations closer to home, such as Curaçao.

For his part, Curaçao’s representative in Colombia, Victor Manuel Dapena, was very positive in his appraisal of this development, mentioning how important the rising number of visitors is to the island, and inviting the reporters in attendance to discover and enjoy this increasingly multi-faceted destination with a diversifying array of attractions to accommodate multiple tourism segments. The event ended with a series of prize draws to win trips to three different destinations, including Curaçao.

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