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Curaçao Tourist Board launches program introducing tourism in elementary schools

WILLEMSTAD- September 27, 2021 – Each year, World Tourism Day is celebrated on September 27 with the aim of promoting awareness of the social, cultural and economic value of tourism, and the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) has chosen this date to launch a program introducing tourism to elementary school students. Tourism is one of the country’s key economic pillars, which is why it’s imperative to introduce the subject at the elementary school level. The program was launched by the Minister of Economic Development, Ruisandro Cijntje, together with the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, Sithree van Heydoorn and CTB Deputy Director, Hugo Clarinda. Also present at the occasion were representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Education and the school boards. The students will be introduced to tourism through interactive videos in combination with a workbook teaching them about the different tourism areas. The first video, which will soon be available in schools, was played for all present at the event.

Introducing tourism as a subject in elementary schools will contribute to a broader tourism awareness among our young ones. The subject will first be introduced to group 5, followed by groups 6 and 7. The tourism sector is dynamic and has many opportunities to offer. The introduction of tourism at the elementary-school level will also stimulate our young ones to opt for a career in tourism when choosing their learning pathway in secondary education.

Next, the program will include information sessions for school principals and teachers. The CTB wishes to thank all, and especially the Ministry of Education and the school boards, who have contributed to the realization of this program. It’s important for kids to be exposed to tourism from a young age and to know it as a sector that offers real perspectives.

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