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“Discover Curaçao” on the Dutch RTL 4 Channel

WILLEMSTAD- October 25, 2017 – White sand, blue water, sunshine and plenty of nature as you
relax on a terrace or dance, feeling free … It’s the ideal vacation for any European traveler, and exactly what they will find in Curaçao! Every Saturday afternoon for five weeks straight, the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) will be airing a show on the RTL 4 channel that will make Europeans fall in love with Curaçao even more. The program will feature historical information and tips from locals themselves, as well as tourist attractions and the most beautiful images of “dushiCuraçao!

Every week, Justin Niessen, master chef in the Netherlands, will be preparing “krioyo” (typical Curaçaoan)
dishes for viewers. Presenter Martine Hauwert will be speaking to locals about the island’s culture, history
and more, and a production team will follow a couple or family around the island for the viewers’ pleasure,
capturing their experience as they engage in different activities. Each episode will end with Chef Justin,
Martine Hauwert and the couple or family sharing about the day and trying the “krioyo” dish that was
prepared. “As a ‘yu di Kòrsou’ (Curaçaoan), the krioyo kitchen is in me, and has been since childhood,”
Justin says. “Throughout the program, we will be preparing traditional Curaçao dishes, the kind you used toeat at your grandma’s or at home with your mom. We will be giving the viewer ‘a slice of Curaçao,’ such as corned beef with polenta and fried plantain. It doesn’t get more krioyo than that!”

First episode In ‘Ontdek Curaçao’ (Discover Curaçao), locals as well as tourists visiting the island will be sharing their experiences. Different interesting sites will be featured: from our beautiful beaches and country houses (“landhuis”) to a tour of our city center, a visit to Christoffelpark and aquatic activities. The first episode included a drive with a buggy, a visit to the floating market, as well as one to Dinah Veeris’s botanical garden. In the following episodes, we can expect visits to the Curaçao museum, Landhuis Chobolobo and Serena’s Art Factory, best known for the popular “Chichi.”

Discover Curaçao was conceived and created by the CTB in close cooperation with producer VideoToGo.
The program will broaden the platform for the Right Now in Curaçao campaign, with visitors sharing real
experiences on television. The first episode was aired last Saturday, October 21 on RTL 4. Each episode is
22 minutes long. For more information, visit


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