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Fabien Cousteau Keynote Speaker at CHATA’s Sustainability Conference

The past decade, Sustainability has become an emerging topic since environmental degradation is becoming more evident. CHATA with its dynamic stance, has taken note of developments, it is within this context that CHATA organized its first Sustainability Conference at CHATA Member Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort.

The purpose of the Sustainability Conference was to create awareness among key stakeholders on the importance of mitigating and preventing negative impacts on the environment through an integrated approach.

CHATA’s Director of Marketing & Product, Miles Mercera, whom had welcomed and introduced the attendees to the topics that would be addressed, kicked off the well-attended Sustainability conference. The keynote address was delivered by Fabien Cousteau, world-renowned oceanographer and grandson of the late Oceanographer; Jacques Cousteau. Fabien shared his experiences as an ocean explorer and his concerns with relation to the environment and discharge of waste produced by humans into the ocean.

Fundashon TAS’ Don Martina highlighted the importance to introduce the concept of integrated water resources management in Curaçao. Furthermore, the sustainability pioneer indicated the importance of a cross-sectorial approach, IWRM (Integrated Water Resource Management) as to sustainably harvest water for people, for food, for nature and for industrial purposes.

TUI Care Foundation and Greenforce launched their joint recycling project. TUI as the social fore fighter of environment initiatives and socially responsible initiatives has introduced the joint recycling project, involving waste bins which are all located at Greenforce members which allow recycling of Aluminum, cans and plastic.

WAITT Institute’s local representative for the Blue Halo initiative, Gisette Seferina, emphasized on using the ocean without using it up. Seferina informed on WAITT Institute’s initiative to sample almost 150 sites around Curaçao to map the coral reefs in our waters. WAITT Institute aims to convince the government into creating zones around Curaçao with supporting policies for sustainable fishing.

PRIVA’s Managing director, Jan Westra concluded CHATA’s sustainability conference with an elaborate speech on Sustainable Food Production by highlighting urban farming initiatives, aquaculture, smart irrigations and the importance on education for local farmers.

These presentations concluded a very successful Sustainability Conference, which was well attended and represented by both the private and the public sector. CHATA is always on the lookout to make its contribution to the well being of our island and therefore definitely considers all concerns which can affect our Tourism and Hospitality; thus our economy.

CHATA extends its gratitude to its Sustainability Partners; TUI Care Foundation, Bluerise, WAITT Institute, Fundashon TAS and PRIVA. CHATA looks forward to fostering the well being of Curaçao with its Sustainability Partners.

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