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Frank Comito (CHTA) pays a visit to Curaçao

Mr. Frank Comito, CEO and General Director of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Assocation visited Curacao on March 27th, 2018. His visit was part of a small tour that he was doing on the ABC-islands. The purpose of Mr. Frank Comito’s visit was to strengthen the relationship with key tourism stakeholders on the island, obtain a better overview of the industry  and also advocate about the importance of tourism.

As part of his visit CHATA arranged a small press tour where he had the opportunity to be interviewed by Moru Bondia, CBA News and Antilliaans Dagblad. During these interviews he addressed issues such as last year’s hurricane devastations and the role of CHTA in elevating the Caribbean as a region. He also took the time to elaborate on his views regarding the local tourism industry. According to Mr. Frank Comito, Curaçao has an immense potential but decisions must be made which include the actual implementation of the Tourism Master Plan,adequate funding and most importantly the restructuring of the CTDF in a true public and private entity which is responsible for the management of the destination.

Mr. Frank Comito also met with the CHATA Board where he was updated about the most important issues affecting Curacao’s tourism and how CHATA is striving to solve them. Furthermore he also had the opportunity to meet with the Minister of Economic Development, Dr. Steven Martina where he discussed the plans of the Minister for the Tourism industry and his concerns for the sector.

After a day filled with official meetings and interviews Frank also had the opportunity to celebrate the official opening of the  newly renovated & expanded Bahia Apartments. Never having the chance to travel to Banda Bou, Mr. Frank Comito was completely mesmerized with the rural side of the island. After a ride to BandaBou he was even more convinced that with the right resources Curacao can unquestionably have a great future in tourism.

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