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Hospitality & Tourism performance April 2022

Strong recovery of the sector continues

Willemstad- 25 May 2022 – On a monthly basis the associations CHATA & CASHA publish the figures regarding hotels, alternative accommodations, car rentals and diving schools. By doing this together, both associations aim to create a balanced overview of Curaçao’s tourism & hospitality sector’s performance and recovery.

CASHA presents occupancy figures for April 2022

The average small accommodation occupancy in the month of April was 75,1%. This is a little less than last month (77,14%) however, it is still a good occupancy for the month of April. Three accommodations reported an occupancy over 90% of which 2 even were 100%. Nine accommodations reported an occupancy of 75% – 90% with locations ranging from Blue Bay, Pietermaai, Jan Thiel, but also Banda Bou is well represented. It is remarkable that especially the accommodations offering an experience, close to the beach, in the city or surrounded by nature, are performing well. The remaining accommodations reported an occupancy between 23% and 72%. Even though it might feel as if COVID is behind us, cancelations are still happening. Four CASHA members reported a total of 87 nights canceled in April; all COVID-related.

Dive schools reported an average of 61,4% occupancy, but they also experienced cancelations due to medical reasons or because customers decided to switch dive schools last minute.

CASHA members are positive about the future, despite the challenges of high air travel prizes. Flights to Curaçao have become more expensive while travel packages are cheaper. For this reason, travelers often choose a travel package which the smaller accommodations are unable to compete with. Bookings for the coming months are slightly decreasing, as travelers are now able to travel to European destinations as well. Despite this, CASHA members are confident for the future and continue promoting Curaçao.

CHATA presents occupancy figures for April 2022

The month of April was also a very positive month for CHATA members in terms of hotel occupancy. In April 2022 the larger hotels had an average occupancy of 74,8%. Compared to the year before (21,6%) this is a substantial increase of 246,7%. If we look at the occupancy data pre-COVID (April 2019: 76,1%), it’s a slight decrease. (1,7%) 

The average daily rate increased with 74,2% compared to 2021, to $198,09. Compared to April of 2019, this is also an increase of 26,1%. As for the revenue per available room, numbers also indicate a significant increase of 504,1% compared to 2021. From $24,54 in 2021 to $148,22 in 2022. Compared to the pre-COVID data, the revenue per available room increased with 23,9%.

Like the month of March, in the month of April, Curaçao recovered again with 93%year to date, compared to 2019.  The total year to date recovery for Curaçao for 2022 is 89,5%. Compared to the year-to-date recovery of 2021 vs. 2019 (31,7%), this is quite an improvement.

The table below, showcases the STR data:

*STR Data is based on a sample of 13 reporting properties and represents 2352 rooms, which is 53% of the total rooms on Curaçao.  Each month the number of reporting properties divers. Source: Smith Travel Research (STR) is the leading global provider of competitive benchmarking, information services and research to the hotel industry.

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