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Hospitality & Tourism performance July 2022

Occupancies continue to increase

Willemstad, 23 August 2022 – The CHATA & CASHA associations jointly publish figures on a monthly basis regarding the performance of hotels, alternative accommodations, car rentals and dive schools. In doing so, both associations aim to create a balanced overview of Curaçao’s tourism & hospitality sector’s performance and recovery.

CASHA presents occupancy figures for July 2022

CASHA-members were booked and busy during the summer holidays with almost no cancelations. The average occupancy for the month of July for alternative accommodations was 64%, which is better than the month before. Car rentals also performed very good with an average occupancy of 66%. It is clear that the number of visitors to Curaçao is increasing. According to reporting members the most important reason for cancelations in the month of July was the high airfares. Additionally, the beautiful weather in Europe also lead to less last-minute bookings, as people chose to vacation in their own country. Dive schools also performed better in the month of July, with an average occupancy of 69%. Unfortunately, it also has to be reported that illegal dive school operations are growing fast. People choose for cheaper dives, however, are not aware of the danger and risks this brings, especially in the dive industry. Next to diving, tourists are also interested in other activities, such as jeep tours or museums. The attraction members reported an occupancy of 44%.

CHATA presents occupancy figures for July 2022

Also, for CHATA members was July a very positive month in terms of hotel occupancy. In July 2022 the larger hotels on Curaçao had an average occupancy rate of 73,7%. Compared to the year before (72,5%) this is an increase of 1,7%. Taking the pre-COVID occupancy data into consideration (June 2019: 67,6%), this is even an increase of 9%. The average daily rate increased with 27,8% compared to 2021, to $195,38. Compared to July 2019, this amounts to an increase of 33,9%. As for the revenue per available room, numbers also indicate an increase of 29,9% compared to 2021. From $110,75 in 2021 to $1143,92 in 2022. Compared to pre-COVID data, the revenue per available room also increased with 46%. The recovery for July compared to 2019 was 109%. The total year to date recovery for Curaçao for 2022 compared to 2019 is 96%, while the YTD recovery for 2021 vs. 2019 was 48,2%.

The table below summarizes the STR data:

July202220212022 vs. 202120192022 vs. 2019

*Smith Travel Research (STR) is the leading global provider of competitive benchmarking, information services and research to the hotel industry.

*STR Data is based on a sample of 12 reporting properties and represents 2321 rooms, which is 48,4% of the total reporting rooms in Curaçao.

The hospitality and tourism sector recovery continues and considering the increasing tourist arrivals the perspectives remain positive. Although external influences of rising prices and the war in Ukraine continue to influence the future sentiment worldwide, CHATA and CASHA members therefore remain cautiously optimistic about the future of the sector and the last months of 2022. Structural improvements are necessary to make the growth of the strong recovering tourism sector on our island sustainable; where increased airlift, more diversification in markets and product development are the three focus areas.

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