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Hospitality & Tourism performance October 2022

Occupancy levels continue to remain stable

Willemstad, 22 November 2022 – CHATA & CASHA publish monthly results of hotel, alternative accommodations, car rentals and dive school results through which the associations present a balanced overview of Curaçao’s tourism & hospitality sector’s performance and recovery.

CASHA presents occupancy figures for September 2022

The interest group for entrepreneurs working in the small-scale tourism sector has been fully active again since 2020. CASHA currently has 77 members, 50 of whom are accommodation owners, representing a total of 588 rooms, 9 car rental companies, 7 diving schools, 11 taxi and tour companies and attractions.

October was once again a good month for the accommodations. The occupancy rate was 67%, which was the same as in September and even 2% more than in October 2021. What is also striking is how many guests were staying at the members of CASHA. In the month of October, the 16 accommodation owners welcomed 795 guests together, this is based on 32% of our members. Still, we could have received more guests, however, according to guests, there is still too much chaos at Schiphol. This means that the tourists prefer not to go through Schiphol, and they choose to either postpone the trip or choose another destination where they can depart from another airport. There also appears to be some fear of Covid for this fall and winter, which also results in cancellations. The car rentals have to deal with declining figures for the 3rd month in a row now. In September, 75% of the cars were still rented, however in October this dropped further to 70%. This is also less than October 2021 when everyone was faced with a shortage of rental cars. In the meantime, most companies have restocked their fleet and there is no longer talk of shortages. Dive schools have an occupancy rate of 50% for October, with not very many cancellations. It is striking that quite a lot of people dive and come to the attractions.  With diving, there was a total of 90 people in October and 486 at the attractions.

CHATA presents occupancy figures for October 2022

In October of 2022 Curaçao had a hotel occupancy of 69,7%. Compared to 2021 (71,9%) this is a slight decrease of -3,0%. However, if we look at the occupancy data pre-COVID (October 2019), this is an increase of 4,7%. The average daily rate has increased with 5,7% compared to 2021, to $192,20. Compared to October of 2019, this is also an increase of 35,6%. As for the revenue per available room, numbers indicate a significant increase of 2,6% compared to 2021. From $130,62 in 2021 to $134,02 in 2022. Compared to the pre-COVID data, the revenue per available room increased with 42%.The recovery for the month of October compared to 2019 was 104%. The total year to date recovery for Curaçao for 2022 compared to 2019 is 97%, while the recovery of the same period for 2021 vs. 2019 was 63%.

The hospitality and tourism sector recovery continues a positive trend through the arrival of visitors. It is noticeable that the situation at Schiphol is affecting the occupancy rates, causing CHATA and CASHA to be vigilant, but still positively cautious about the future of the sector and the remaining months of 2022.

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