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A message from the Board of Directors of CHATA

Willemstad (November 16, 2016) – As a result of CHATA’s extraordinary board retreat, two important decisions were made. First, the new board structure proposal for 2017 to allow more participation of hotels on the CHATA Board and secondly, the decision of the CHATA Chairman Will Vogels to step down as Chairman to stimulate a healthy dialogue with partners who form the CHATA Board and other members.
The decision has been made to propose a change in the current bylaws of the association on the current constellation of the board. The CHATA Board proposed a stronger representation on the board by hotels which will address a balanced representation of both allied and hotel members. The change will translate itself in a stronger sector where hotels are duly represented. The biggest change would be to increase the number of seats available for hotels on the board of CHATA. CHATA Board will be finalizing the proposed amendments to the bylaws and will be presenting this in a soon to be announced CHATA Extraordinary Membership Meeting to have these approved. Once the change in the bylaws has been approved by members, new board elections shall take place for the association.

Will Vogels, Chairman of CHATA since April 2013, sees both the restructuring and his decision to step down as an opportunity. He believes that this will lead to a stronger synergy between the board members, to openly discuss the future of CHATA. According to Will Vogels, “I believe that this is in the best interest of CHATA, for us to come together as equal partners in the private sector”.

Will Vogels believes in a strong hotel association that represents all hotel owners on the island and with this decision he hopes to be able to foster and contribute to a positive dialogue with hotel owners and general managers forming part of the association.

The board of CHATA agreed to this decision by Will Vogels and applauded his initiative. The board of CHATA collectively appointed Mr. Jeroen Kibbelaar as the Vice Chairman of the Board to take on this role during the process of changing our bylaws as proposed by the CHATA Board and until the new elections take place.

Will Vogels confirmed to remain part of the CHATA Board and will continue to work together with his hotel and industry partners. New elections for the CHATA Board have been proposed to take place during the 1st Quarter of 2017. After the new board elections in 2017, a new Chairman of the Board of CHATA shall be appointed.

CHATA Board will continue its dialogue with its members in the coming weeks with the aim to keep its contingency together and to guarantee a strong and vibrant association that represents the interests of the private tourism sector.

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