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New apartments at Oasis Coral Estate on Curaçao

Oasis Coral Estate Beach, Dive & Wellness resort reopened!
As of July 1st, the rental of the new Oasis Coral Estate holiday homes on Curaçao was launched. This Beach, Dive & Wellness resort is located in the nature area Rif St. Marie on Curaçao and has had a thorough renovation and expansion in recent years. A new beginning and also a new name: Oasis Coral Estate Beach, Dive & Wellness resort.
“We are very happy with the reopening of Oasis Coral Estate,” says André Roelofs, Director of Oasis Parcs. With its many facilities, sea views and the beautiful new accommodations, it has become a unique product on Curaçao. The official opening will take place on September 8th. ” Indeed, the former Habitat Hotel is no longer recognizable and the new name ‘Oasis Coral Estate Beach’, Dive & Wellness Resort, will make sure for a new start.
Malou Versloot, Commercial Manager Oasis Parcs, adds: “Oasis Parcs has a unique holiday resort in Curaçao, offering service and experience. We achieve this with the unique location of Rif St. Marie, the extensive facilities and new accommodations. “Starting July 1st, the new holiday homes can be booked for 1-4 persons. These ‘Lanais’ homes have a lovely open living room so you can really enjoy the outdoors.
In addition to a free rental car, the Oasis Coral Estate Beach, Dive & Wellness resort provides an intimate environment with plenty of facilities. For example, guests can enjoy ‘The 8th Experience’, the best Caribbean Wellness Center (elected “Salon of the Year 2016” by the American magazine, Salon Today), the Coral Divers dive school, Curaçao’s fine-dining restaurant ‘Karakter’, the brand new restaurant Koraal Rooftop Terrace and endless sea views from all hotel rooms. The accommodations can also be booked through TUI Netherlands tour operator.

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