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New future Curaçao Baseball Week

After 4 successful editions the Curaçao Baseball Week continues anew for the next 3 years! Initiator and primary organizer in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, Blue Bay Curaçao Golf & Beach Resort, takes a step back and with pride and confidence gives the ‘bat’ to marketing and events agency Tao Curaçao and Qube. Blue Bay will remain involved with the CBW for the next couple of years as Founding & Hospitality Partner. Tao and Qube are taking CBW along with initiator Sir Hensley ‘ BAM BAM’ Meulens filled with new energy, ideas and motivation. Main goal: lift the baseball highlight of the year to a higher level!

Blue Bay

“It all began in 2009 when we first made plans with Jair Jurrjens to organize an annual baseball event for the island. In the years that followed the first meetings took place with Robert Eenhoorn, Hensley Meulens and Ben Thijssen. After the first edition in 2013, we executed a 3-year plan until 2016. During the last 3 years the event has grown and become the biggest baseball spectacle of the region, with annual visitors count of 2000 and 600 kids participating in clinics. A true joint effort like: professional players and coaches from Curaçao, CBDF, Febeko, KNBSB, MLB and ISG.’’ according to Rogier van der Meer from Blue Bay Resort.

Due to the immense growth of the CBW, we realize that there is so much more potential in this annual baseball highlight. So much so, that Blue Bay is of the opinion that the CBW deserves to be organized by experts in event organization. Giving CBW to the event agency and no longer staying on as primary organizer seemed like the best and most logical choice. They can focus and give dedicated 100%-attention all year, to make the collective success even greater.

‘’We are very proud of the fact that CBW has demonstrated its right to exist on local and international level. The time, energy and relationships invested over the years are of great value, and we are not saying goodbye. It’s my pleasure and honor to announce that we will be committed to the CBW until 2019 as Hospitality Partner. Players, coaches, press and others involved will reside at Blue Bay during the week, with the purpose to maintain the unity. We thank everyone that has supported us throughout the years and believed in the CBW. We look forward to the new collaboration with the new main organizers and with the partners and sponsors, which we are now also one of. On behalf of Blue Bay and CBW we will soon announce some more donations made possible with the funds raised during the 2016 auction dinner.’’ according Vincent Zrour, Commercial Manager Blue Bay Resort.

Tao Curaçao & Qube

Tao and Qube are honored and proud to take the reigns of the CBW from Blue Bay and to further build in the coming 3 years on what has already been achieved. At the same time expand with some new activities to entice and commit the baseball loving community even more to the CBW. The goal remains to interactively make a significant contribution to the (youth) baseball community on Curaçao in collaboration with current and former baseball players. The team is looking forward to working with partners and stakeholders, to give the local and international audience a spectacular and unforgettable week filled with fun surprises.


“Of course I know Curaçao… from Baseball!”, was the reaction of a police officer on Union Square in San Francisco recently. Baseball is internationally immense popular, and that is especially the case in the United States. Our youngest, but also our more mature players, from the Royal Netherlands play in the different leagues worldwide based on their high productivity, impressive actions and unforgettable semi finals at the World Baseball Classic.

Many young Americans and their families gladly participate in clinics given by MLB players. They are more than willing to go the extra mile and Curaçao and could contribute to this as a tourist baseball island. For this reason the team introduces an innovative and international collaboration with KNBSB for the next 3 years. Main goal:

International baseball fans and kids living abroad coming here to participate in the special clinics with the pro players. The whole family can join and see the many sights and activities, like the coveted “Sun, Sea & Baseball in Curaçao”.


Money, or the lack thereof, is one of the biggest obstacles for athletes, especially on amateur level. Blue Bay has made contact with Dutch ice-skater, Yvonne van Gennip (Winter Olympics champion) founder of the online donation platform During the CBW the crowdfunding medium will also be launch for local sports talents. This way they can professionally and internationally reach their financial budget through crowdfunding and realize their personal sports goals.

Common goal

Due to the efforts of Blue Bay and the gentlemen who have, for years, dedicated themselves to baseball like: Robert Eenhoorn, Ben Thijsen, Paddy Roomer and Hensley Meulens, the new team can count on the much needed support to make this transition and the organization that follows of the CBW a successful one. For all those involved there is ultimately one common goal: From November 30th to December 9th 2017, the entire community will enjoy this very popular sport and their local heroes!

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