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CHATA organized a Sustainability Conference Powered by Schneider Electric

Willemstad, November 20, 2019 – On Wednesday, November 20, 2019, CHATA presented a Sustainability Conference to members and non-members of the organization. The conference took place at the Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort in Piscadera, which recently reopened its doors. During the morning hours, the CHATA members enjoyed of some informative presentations regarding our local tourism industry and in the afternoon the attention was paid to raising awareness about sustainable development. The following people were also present at this conference: Kris Bouwstra (Dynaf), Peter Oostwouder (GSO Caribbean), Manuel Rodrigues (Schneider Electric), Sabine Berendse (Green Phenix), Zyta de Koeijer (ZK Consultancy) and John Amarica (BPM). It is important to report that during this conference, CHATA has signed a MoU with BPM, to work together on a sustainable tourist industry on Curaçao.

Kris Bouwstra from Dynaf: “Gas stations will come to an end soon”

“Electric driving seems to be the future! In 30 years there will be no gas stations anymore! ” says Kris Bouwstra at the start of his presentation. Electric cars have entered the world market for some time now, including on Curaçao. A rechargeable point for electric cars has recently been inaugurated at Esperamos Supermarket. The world is changing rapidly and we must work together to ensure that our resources are managed more efficiently, securing the future of our planet.

Peter Oostwouder from GSO: “There must be a solution regarding the consumption of fresh water”

Peter Oostwouder paid attention to the consumption of fresh water during his presentation. Unfortunately, Curaçao is not well prepared for collecting fresh water, such as rainwater. The goal of GSO is to make hotels more user friendly, for example by teaching them how to reuse water. When water is reused and recycled, the cost of water consumption is considerably reduced.

Miles Mercera from CHATA: “We have to change our mindset!”

Sustainability means more than the use of solar panels and plastic straws. It is important to also involve the local population to give instructions on sustainable and green energy. This allows us to create awareness and to change the mindset, with positive consequences as a result. An example is the “common care” of the oceans. Here on Curaçao we are also confronted with plastic soup problem on a daily basis. Miles Mercera indicated that the diving industry generates an annual amount of $ 41,319,914 and therefore it is also necessary that our beaches are well maintained. The MoU between CHATA and BPM stands for an official contribution from CHATA to a sustainable tourism sector.

Manuel Rodrigues of Schneider Electric: “Electricity and energy consumption must be changed”

Schneider Electric, a Miami-based company, focuses on a more efficient use of electricity and energy. Manuel Rodrigues indicated that digital meters can also be used to provide insight into energy consumption.  A combination of technology, the right software and service can contribute to the best solution in terms of energy consumption at home or in a company.

Sabine Berendse from Green Phenix: “Create awareness about the use of plastic!”

Green Phenix is ​​concerned about plastic pollution in Curaçao. In addition to cleaning actions and recycling of plastic, the Green Phenix dynamic team often goes to schools to raise awareness about the importance of our environment. The children learn how to recycle and how to take care of nature. A sustainable society starts with education.

Zyta de Koeijer from ZK Consultancy: “A green hotel stands for quality”

A green certification from Travelife stands for international sustainability recognition. Green rating or certification is used to indicate the level of environmental friendliness. Energy, water, gas and waste processing are used sparingly. A certified hotel stands for quality and also gets better reviews online. For information about a certification process, contact can be made with ZK Consultancy.

John Amarica from BPM (Business Platform Environment Curaçao): “We need to focus on sustainable development and growth”

BPM, the Curaçao Business Council for Sustainable Development, was founded to exchange knowledge and experience in the areas of Environment, Quality and Occupational Health and Safety (EQOHS). BPM promotes and supports the use of EQOHS management systems within companies and organizations in the commercial and service industries, for the benefit of its members and for sustainable growth on Curaçao.

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