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Last week Thursday regretfully a violent incident took place during an event at Mambo Beach. The footage of the incident circulated on social media and the incident was cause for a communique from the US Consulate.

Mambo Beach BLVD deeply regrets that this incident took place. The security measures in place for the event unfortunately proved not to be enough to prevent the incident from occurring.

The safety of our visitors has our highest priority. Every violent incident is one too many. Mambo Beach BLVD is the most popular tourist destination on Curacao with more than 700.000 visitors a year. The number of incidents over the years has thankfully been limited.

In response to this incident Mambo Beach has re-evaluated and tightened its internal rules for events and is closely coordinating with its security partners (Justice, Police and internal security) in order to prevent this type of incidents from occurring again in the future. We will also request a meeting with the US Consulate to discuss its communique.

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