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Profound projects in partnership with CHATA launches Islandify!

January 28, 2018 –Profound Projects in partnership with CHATA launches its new platform Islandify. Islandify is a new directory platform designed to help consumers find local businesses such as restaurants, supermarkets, beauty salons and gas stations on the island. In addition to this it also provides the user the ability to explore new places based on his/her preference.

Profound Projects together with other partners noticed that customers often have to scour the internet in order to find relevant local business information. In their attempt to solve this problem, Islandify was born. Islandify was created to assist consumers find what they are looking for in a centralized location. Profound Projects director Boudino de Jong states: “Features such as the ‘Get Directions’ instant GPS navigation to a venue are only the beginning of many new exciting features to be introduced in 2018. Our aim is to extend this platform to our sister islands in the region as well”.

As a strategic partner, CHATA believes in the importance of increasing the accessibility of businesses on island to our visitors and local population. According to Mr. Miles Mercera, President & CEO of CHATA, “As a destination we encourage our visitors more and more to explore the island and everything Curaçao has to offer. This tool will facilitate them in enjoying Curaçao to the fullest. Therefore, we are very happy with this collaboration between CHATA and Profound Projects. As an association we always embrace new initiatives that positively contribute to the touristic experience here on Curaçao”. Islandify will not only be beneficial to our tourist, but also to our local business owners. Islandify provides business owners with a platform to reach a greater audience and increase their customer base thus creating a positive economic spin off for Curaçao.

In addition to increasing local business accessibility. Islandify also provides an interactive platform for businesses to connect with their customers by providing users with the ability to rate review and share their experiences. Profound Projects and CHATA are very enthusiastic for this project that is now available to the public on

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