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CHATA aims to recruit new members, in order to become truly representative of the hospitality and tourism sector. CHATA has improved the image of the hospitality and tourism industry and has become a major force in industry representation in Curaçao and abroad. CHATA deserves the full support of the private hospitality and tourism sector.

  • Networking: Meetings and seminars that contain valuable information 
  • Online brochures: Hotel members will be added to our online accommodations guide brochure
  • Product Update: to be featured in our quarterly “Product Update”. An online magazine to showcase any new service, product, or special offer you may have.
  • Newsletter: CHATA will send crucial and important information about the tourism industry and the Curaçao economy to members, partners, and non-members.
  • Newsflashes: Emails will be sent immediately with a hot news item when they happen.
  • Website Exposure: Your company will be featured on our website, including all contact details and the business logo.
  • Vacancies: Members can send us their vacancies (or we search for them) to place on our social media platforms and website free of charge.
  • CHATA-data: You can find data about Curaçao and the Caribbean tourism industry.
  • The voice of the sector: We serve as a liaison between companies and CTB/Government and can help brainstorm about strategy and marketing plans.

5 reasons to join CHATA today

  • Transparent – We engage in frequent dialogues with our members to inform them of our actions and to remain up to date on their concerns.
  • Leading – We are recognized as the voice of the tourism industry. We develop innovative plans of action that set the tone within the tourism industry.
  • Vibrant – Our proactive approach to challenges and opportunities within the industry enables us to provide you with accurate and timely information.
  • Experts – Our research department provides you with up-to-date information, which contributes to the reliability of your trend forecasts and assists in gearing your product development in the right direction.
  • Partnership – We promote strong Public, Private Partnerships with all entities, to grow our tourism industry. Only CHATA-hotels can become Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA) members.

For more information contact us for a meeting at 465-1005 or email

Membership Categories

Hotel membership
Economy Hotel
Nafl. 137,50 per unit per year
Standard hotel
Nafl. 165,00 per unit per year
Deluxe hotel
Nafl. 192,50 per unit per year
Apartment hotel
Nafl. 192,50 per unit per year
Apartment (12 units or less)
Nafl. 1.650,- per year
Allied membership
Major member
Nafl. 5.500,-
Associate member
Nafl. 5.500,-
Large member
Nafl. 3.300,-
Regular member
Nafl. 1.650,-
Small member
Nafl. 825,- (5 employees or less)

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