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“Shocking” new total body WORKOUT with Electro Stimulation at Baoase Personal Health Club.

Baoase Personal Health Club celebrates its 2 year anniversary. The leading boutique Personal Training studio is introducing EMS (electro body stimulation training).

As EMS has been gaining ground in Europe and the United States, the trend is set to take the Caribbean by storm as well. EMS training works faster and more efficient than regular exercising, improves core strength, results in a slimmer, more toned body and helps with recovery and injuries.

How does EMS works?
Electrical Muscle Stimulation or EMS equipment sends electrical pulses that activate nerves in the body, causing muscles to contract and then relax. As opposed to conventional weight training the workout is more intense and deeper muscles are reached. Consequently the training is much more effective compared to conventional weight and / or cardio training. The medical world has been using EMS for a long time for joint-sparing muscle formation and for targeted back exercises.Top athletes like top sprinter Usain Bolt have been using it for years to improve their speed and strength. EMS is great for body shaping through muscle formation and catabolism of fat, stimulation of metabolism and tightening of connective tissue. 20 min of EMS training is equal to 3 hours of a traditional fitness workout.

|Try out EMS yourself?
Starting January 29th Baoase Personal Health Club offers a try-out week. For more information or bookings check out

About Personal Health Club:
Baoase Personal Health Club is located right across Baoase Luxury Resort. The gym is open for all local residence as well as resort guests. It is an intimate club where 5 trainers provide personal training, nutritional advice and weight loss guidance. The club also offers small group training, cardio boxing and yoga. Baoase Personal Health Club is the only club on Curacao with Fittergy sport fasting license and now presents EMS Curacao.


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