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Sorry Airbnb, but U.S. Millennial Travelers prefer hotels!


You read that right: According to the recent Resonance Report, U.S. travelers between the ages of 20 and 36 years (the ones featured in all that Airbnb marketing over the past year—on TV, Instagram and even the company’s own magazine) prefer a licensed, staffed hotel to an Airbnb rental. This despite the home-sharing service’s continued increase in capacity in 65,000 cities and rising valuation in advance of an imminent IPO.

The report surveyed more than 1,600 active U.S. Millennial travelers and found that despite 52% of respondents saying they regularly or occasionally use owner-direct rental services like Airbnb, it is actually among their least-preferred choices in terms of accommodation.

In fact, only 23% said that a short-term apartment and/or condo rental was their preferred type of accommodation.

After a full-service hotel as their first choice, Millennial traveler respondents cited staying with friends/family as their second choice, followed by a stay at an all-inclusive resort. Roughly a third of Millennial travelers prefer upscale and luxury hotels/resorts (35%), followed by camping (33%).

The most preferred accommodation types for the U.S. Millennial Travelers:

  1. Full-Service Hotel
  2. Staying with Friends/Family
  3. All-inclusive resort
  4. Luxury Hotels / Resort
  5. Camping
  6. House/villa Rental
  7. Cruise ship
  8. B&B/Small Inn
  9. Short-term apartment and/or condo rental

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