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The Restaurant Association also Wants to get Rid of Code Orange

Willemstad, February 9, 2021 – The Curaçao Restaurant Association (CRA) joins the CHATA’s appeal in which they argue for code yellow for Curaçao as of March 1. This should get tourism back on track and boost the economy of Curaçao, CRA said in a statement.

Although restaurants have seen their business pick up again since the measures were eased on January 11 of this year, restaurants are still largely missing sales due to the absence of tourists. The contribution of tourism is essential for restaurants, according to CRA

The CHATA (Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association) called for Curaçao to be made yellow again as of March 1, in order to get Dutch tourists back to the island. Currently not being able to get a travel insurance, and also due to the ‘holiday shame’, tourism from the Netherlands is still very low.

The Netherlands will have to mark Curaçao as yellow as they issue travel advice. Whether this will happen is the question. The Netherlands extended the curfew until March 1 on Monday.

“Restaurants in Curaçao, like many other companies, have had a difficult time. During the high season months of December and January there was prohibition and an early curfew. As a result, many businesses have had a difficult start of the year. Measures are already improving, but tourism provides a substantial part of the turnover,”according to CRA.

In the meantime, a number of restaurants have run into problems, because they largely depend on tourism. Bankruptcy of these restaurants seems inevitable in the absence of more tourism.

The CRA therefore agrees with the CHATA that everything must be done to regain the status of code yellow. “With the current Covid-19 figures in Curaçao that should be possible. Restaurants have protocols that prevent spread as much as possible, in addition, mandatory PCR tests continue to ensure that no new infections come from abroad,” says CRA.

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