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Tourism in all VPCO – schools in collaboration with CHATA

Willemstad, January 29, 2020 – In an effort to raise awareness amongst the younger generation that the tourism industry has ample opportunities to offer, VPCO will be giving more attention to this theme on a yearly basis in all its schools. 

“In collaboration with CHATA and the diverse companies in the private sector, excellent programs have been developed in all VPCO schools,” according to Elles Zuijdam, initiator of the project. Hotels will provide guided tours, different companies will prepare workshops at the schools and CHATA is the link between the VPCO and its members.

Last week, dr. Albert Schweitzer College Parera kick-started the project. All first- and second-year students had excursions to different tourist locations to see what these areas have to offer regarding culture, nature and history. There were field trips to Landhuis Bloemhof, and Uniek Curaçao. The students at school also completed practical assignments in different languages and participated in a “Taaldorp” in which they had to visit different posts in four languages and had to either, order something or, discuss a problem in a foreign language. 

High school students of the third and fourth year had activities that focused on their sector. They passed by the Curaçao International Airport, Curaçao Dolphin Therapy & Research Center, Corendon Mangrove Beach Resort, Kontiki Beach Resort, Renaissance Mall & Rif Fort and Renaissance Curaçao Resort & Casino to learn about the wide range of possibilities their sector has to offer.

Project leader, Iris Ludekuse from Dr. Albert Schweitzer College Parera positively reflects on this initiative. According to Ms. Ludekuse, the collaboration between the companies went well and the students received valuable information about the job diversity within the tourism sector. Due to the project-based nature of this initiative, the students were given an idea of what it is like to work in the tourism sector by coming together on multiple days to realize their objectives. As a consequence, the students were intrinsically motivated and performed in an enthusiastic manner. The school is grateful for the support of the CHATA-members such as the complimentary transportation for the students arranged by FBTT Travel. This initiative would not have been possible without their help. 

Moreover, the schools have had the opportunity to visit different hotels and resorts. These visits go hand in hand with the different projects in class, such as the conversion of the classroom into a travel agency, the creation of an imaginary touristic island and the creation of a special world map dedicated to countries belonging the biggest markets for Curaçao as a destination. 

Recently, CHATA launched the Kla pa Turismo project of which the goal is to train 300 individuals to join the tourism sector. Kla pa Turismo focusses on the importance of the sector as well as the demand of competent labor power. Given the fact that the tourism sector is progressing, we have to make sure that our education system has a direct involvement with the private sector in order to develop close ties between the two. CHATA is extremely happy and content with the initiative of VPCO. Lastly, CHATA is proud to have taken part in this program and gladly offers its support in the form of collaborations between its members with the intention to repeat this program on a yearly basis. 

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