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TUI fly signs as the first airline the ‘Airport Sustainability Declaration’

Rijswijk, March 14th, 2017.

TUI fly is the first and only airline that together with Schiphol and other international airports that have reached an agreement to work together in the area of sustainability. This is clearly defined in the ‘Airports Sustainability Declaration’ that has been signed by TUI on the 14th of March during the ‘Passenger Terminal Expo’ (PTE). By signing the agreement TUI and Schiphol airport will focus on intensifying their joint efforts in the area of sustainability. While also inviting other airlines to join these efforts.

TUI and Sustainability

Sustainability stands high on the list of priorities for TUI. Therefore, they have set some ambitious goals. The TUI fly’s fleet will be Europe’s most efficient airline company, this must lead to a 10% decrease in CO2 emissions before the year 2020. TUI flew as the first Dutch airline company with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which is 20% more efficient than the Boeing 767. Furthermore, TUI is the sponsor of a biofuel project in Bonaire for the development of cleaner energy, that has both economic and social impacts.

TUI also focuses on using sustainable products during their onboard flights. The trash that is picked up during flights consisting of glass, paper, aluminum, and plastic are all separated at Schiphol and recycled.

TUI, as an international tourism group has been actively engaged in sustainable tourism and social responsibility and is the leader in this branch. With the new strategy called ‘Better Holidays, Better World 2015-2020’, TUI wants to be even more involved in the social and ecological challenges ahead with the main focus of being the leader in sustainability.


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