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TUI’s Children’s Council wins Sustainable Travel Award

On Saturday 28th of January, TUI received the Sustainable Travel Award during the travel gala in the Amsterdam Arena. TUI received this award for initiating the Children’s Council project in Curaçao whereby children are included in thinking of ways to further develop tourism within the region.

In 2015 TUI established the first Children’s Counsel in Curaçao, in collaboration with local tourism organizations and the Missing Chapter Foundation. With guidance from TUI’s local representative and the SIFMA Foundation, which focuses on the wellbeing of less fortunate children throughout the Antilles. Children from the St. Paulus College primary school were asked to share their vision on the future of tourism on Curaçao. Arjen Kers, general manager of TUI in the Netherlands, believes that it is very important to involve children and get their insight about topics regarding the future of tourism and their country in general. “Children are the future. That is why it is important for us to involve them in such conversations on how they perceive the development of vacation destinations. The decisions we make today influence future generations.”

After being established in Curaçao in 2015, Aruba and Bonaire also created their own Children’s Council. On all three islands, companies as well as institutions consult with the Children’s Council with regards to decision-making and future policies. In The Netherlands there are more than 50 companies that are actively cooperating with Children’s Council.

For several years TUI has been pursuing an active policy in the field of sustainable tourism and corporate social responsibility. In this manner future travelers can continue to enjoy beautiful holiday destinations.Screenshot 2017-01-31 16.55.03 Screenshot 2017-01-31 16.54.13 Screenshot 2017-01-31 16.53.50

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