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WINAIR announces additional jet service to Curaçao

Airport Road, July 26, 2017 – WINAIR is pleased to announce additional jet air service SXM-CUR-SXM, this flight will operate every Thursday in addition to the existing two jet flights currently offered by Winair (Tuesday and Saturday) CUR-SXM-PAP-SXM-CUR. This third jet service will commence Thursday, August 17, 2017, departing SXM’s PJIAE airport at 11:00 AM and will offer our customers in Curacao and St. Maarten another travel option on the SXM-CUR-SXM route.

Departure time           From              Arrival time                  Destination
11.00am                       SXM               12.35pm                         CUR
14.00pm                      CUR               15.35pm                          SXM

Initial reaction and acceptance of WINAIR jet services to Curacao and Haiti has been positively received allowing this additional service to begin, there remains customer dissatisfaction with the current level of service offered to customers traveling this route. This flight will originate in St. Maarten and operate directly to Curacao then return to St. Maarten. This third flight is made possible owing to the joint venture between WINAIR and PAWA. As the airlines move forward to cooperate in the region, making air traffic more efficient and offer our mutual customers better and more options. This joint venture will also ensure the SXM-ANU-SXM service, where jet service is not viable, connectivity with Pawa is maintained.

Customers can contact their favorite travel agent or visit our newly redesigned web page to make bookings on this new service and all Winair flights.

“We are very pleased to offer this additional service, by adding this frequency it provides our customers more convenient, safe and fast travel options. This new jet service will also allow connections with our entire route network in the region”, stated Michael Cleaver, President and CEO of WINAIR.

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