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Airport Runway Run cancelled

Willemstad – Just this afternoon, Curaçao Airport Partners was unexpectedly notified by the Minister of Transportation and Urban Planning that the event ‘Airport Runway Run’ was cancelled.

No reason for this cancellation has been given to CAP. “Run the Runway” events are performed at airports across the world as a unique way to establish relationships between communities and airports. As a major private investor in Curacao, CAP is always eager to continuously improve the important relationship that must exist between the airport and the community.

“Run the Runway” events are well controlled and are designed to be conducted within the scheduled operational activities of the airport. All of these matters had been considered and addressed by CAP. CAP wishes to assure the community that approvals from Civil Aviation had been received, and all necessary steps, and precautionary measures to mitigate any possible risks had been taken, and thus expresses its disappointment in the sudden decision by the Minister to cancel the event. CAP appreciates the interest exhibited by the community in participating in this unique event, and regrets that it has to inform the community and the event participants that this event for the public has been cancelled.

All persons that bought a ticket will be able to return this at the location they bought their ticket, and receive their money back as of Friday December 1st. CAP apologizes to all those who bought their tickets and for tourists that extended their stay or came to Curaçao specifically for this event. CAP truly regrets the inconvenience experienced by the participants. CAP thanks all volunteers, sponsors and partners for their efforts.

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